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Jon is married to Renee and has four children, and serves at Northwest Baptist Church where he and his family attend.  He values the established relationships he has built with friends and clients alike, and looks forward to serving you.  


Brian Atha is an experienced home loan specialist with more than two decades of mortgage origination experience working as both a broker and direct lender.

Having worked with Jon Ritter previously, Brian joined the Ritter Mortgage Group to help grow originations in Maryland, and into Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Brian is married and has five children, and serves at Fork Christian Church where he and his family attend.  Learn more about Brian by visiting:

Andre Barnes is a senior loan originator with more than a decade of experience helping homeowners across Maryland.  Jon Ritter helped to recruit Andre into the industry in 2003, and was glad to welcome him to the Ritter Mortgage Group in 2016. 

Andre is uniquely focused on helping homebuyers in the communities closest to his home in Anne Arundel County.  His experience as a mortgage banker before becoming a mortgage broker allow him to help his friends and neighbors well.

Andre is married and has two exceptional children.  Learn more about Andre by visiting:

Ted Jones is an expert, licensed loan originator with more than 20 years' experience in mortgage and retail banking.  Ted has worked with Jon Ritter for more than half of that time, and is a transaction coordinator in addition to his origination responsiblities. 

Ted has lived and worked in and around Baltimore throughout his career, and has helped hundred of homeowners all across Maryland.  He and his wife have one grown daughter, and are both professional musicians that remain active in the performing arts.

Jon Ritter brings more than a decade of experience to the Ritter Mortgage Group, which he incorporated in 2015 to better meet the needs of his clients and realtor partners.

Jon has served the Maryland mortgage market since 2003, and has expanded originations into Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida since starting The Ritter Mortgage Group.

Some of the Benefits or working with the ritter mortgage group:

  • Same day response - normally within a few minutes
  • Attendance at your closing
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable
  • Free mortgage consultations
  • Mortgage options explained at your fingertips
  • Discounts on mortgage rates and closing costs

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