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As the homeowner, you have the freedom to choose which home improvement contractor you would like to work with.  As always, you should check for references and get multiple bids for your project.  Some improvements are allowed to be made by the homeowner, but any work that normally calls for a license (i.e. electrical or plumbing) will have to be done by a licensed contractor.  

No matter if you're dreaming big or if you want to do a few cosmetic changes, Jon will walk you through the steps to help you create your perfect home. Contact Jon today for more information on financing  your home improvement project.  

Home Improvement Loan

ways to finance your home improvement

Whether you are purchasing a home that is in need of repair, or you want to make some renovations to your existing home, there are several ways to achieve your dream design goals. 

The amount of funds available for your renovation budget will depend upon the future value of your home, once the project is complete.  An appraiser will evaluate the proposed changes to be made and compare your proposed home to other similar existing homes.  As long as the future value supports your proposal (in other words, you are not over-improving) the lender will lend you the funds necessary to complete your project.  

Funds are usually made in draws, depending on the size and scope of your project.  Each draw will be for a specific phase of your project, with the next draw becoming available once the previous phase has been completed.