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First, make sure you are working with an experienced, professional loan officer.  The largest financial transaction of your life is far too important to place into the hands of someone who is not capable of advising you properly and troubleshooting the issues that may arise along the way.  But how can you tell?  Read more...

*Ask if a no closing cost refinance is an option for you!

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Refinance Loan

Is refinancing right for you?

There are many reasons to refinance your existing mortgage.  Most of the time, people refinance to reduce their interest rate or to reduce their term.  Others refinance to tap into their equity to consolidate debt or finance home improvements.  Some may have to refinance due to life circumstances, such as a separation or divorce.


Whatever your reason might be, Jon will help you determine if refinancing is right for you and which loan product will best meet your needs.  From the traditional 30 year mortgage to customizing your own length of term, Jon has access to any mortgage option you might need.   Best of all, settlement can take place right in your own home so you don't have to go anywhere  or take off from work.  Contact Jon today for more information.